Bracewell dominated the Australian fashion scene for twenty years from 1988-2008 focusing on womens wear. Bracewell now centres on the passion of Ollie Bracewell and Steve Brading. To create the best swim shorts in the world.

 Ollie's earliest childhood memories date back to the mid 1990s at his father's factory in Surry Hills. Many years were spent observing the garment design process and visiting his father's shops, around Sydney and Melbourne. 

Unbeknownst to him, these formative years were a blessing in disguise. An apprenticeship within the industry was being developed.


 Our newest range celebrates our love for the ocean and our Australian lifestyle, whilst being completely sustainable. This range has been produced using a fabric made entirely from recycled plastic that has been pulled from the ocean, creating a joyous synchronicity between a product that looks great, is incredibly comfortable but also helps to protect our precious resource.  

The shocking reality is that 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our beautiful oceans yearly, that equates to about 8 million pieces of plastic daily!! 
Every pair of Bracewell shorts will be made from the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles that have been collected, shredded in to flakes then converted in to pellets which get melted down, extruded and spun into polyester yarn. Pretty amazing right? We think so. 
By purchasing a pair of Bracewell shorts, you’re not only helping to restore balance to our fragile marine ecosystem but you’ll love the fact the shorts are so comfortable, stretchy, crease free, quick drying and UV proof. Combined with our tailored cut, we think you’ll find they are the perfect pair of swim shorts.
Each pair comes with in a reusable beach bag, eliminating any plastic in our packaging process. Look great this summer, knowing you are giving back to mother nature in the process.