Bracewell dominated the Australian fashion scene for twenty years from 1988-2008. A decade on, Bracewell is back. Now run by Ollie Bracewell. 

 Ollie's earliest childhood memories date back to the mid 1990s at his father's factory in Surry Hills. Many years were spent observing the garment design process and visiting Bracewell shops around Sydney and Melbourne. 

Unbeknownst to him, these formative years were a blessing in disguise. An apprenticeship within the industry was being developed.

 "In 2015, I rang my dad complaining that all the shorts on offer weren't to my taste. Nothing was the right cut, print or fabric to suit my needs. His short response... Create your own. So I did... Since 2016, I've trialled two small ranges to see if there was a market for like-minded men. Both seasons sold out".

 This was the catalyst for the decision to officially bring Bracewell back, and re-establish the name as a dominant leader in the fashion industry.