We are a small business with one simple mission. To design ethically-made pieces that makes you feel good.
Our carefully crafted timeless pieces are only ever made with love and care. We take inspiration from everyday life. We're all about feel-good pieces, soft fabrics, classic cuts, comfy sets and timeless essentials.
We’re fully committed to being responsible with the impact our business has on our community, the environment and the world as a whole. This is why our pieces are created on a small scale, we do not batch produce and we create every piece with you in mind. 
We personally know the names and the faces of all the talented individuals involved in the manufacturing and production process of our pieces. We work daily with our small production team, local artisans, craftsmen and our close-knit design team to ensure we only make pieces we're proud of and continue to meet our high standards. 
We hope you'll join us on this journey. 
With love,
The Bracewell Team